Why Sabre is better

Your Key to Achieving Best-In-Class Travel Procurement Results

Are you overlooking one of the most important strategic sourcing decisions in your travel programme? By not taking an active role in choosing the most efficient GDS, your company may be overpaying for travel. The best travel managers know that Sabre can deliver significant bottom-line savings through our deep travel and distribution expertise. They experience:

Here's how we do it:

It all begins with the travel inventory you need. As the world's most efficient travel marketplace, Sabre has content from over 400 airlines, 88,000 hotels and 24 car rental companies. With so many options, you'll have easy access to the lowest published and negotiated rates. And you'll have more control over your travel spend.

When it comes to finding low airfares, Sabre beats all others. Since 2006, we have successfully found the lowest fares.  In fact, the results confirm Sabre is 4 times more likely to find the lowest fare than either Amadeus or Travelport, delivering on average 20% net savings per ticket of approx € 112, in the EMEA region.*

Interested in learning more about the study methodology and detailed findings? Click Here.

So if best-in-class travel procurement results are what you're after, choose the Sabre GDS. Contact your Sabre Representative or a Sabre Connected SM travel management company to help you realise these benefits. And make sure you explore some of our other solutions like Sabre® Traveler Security, Sabre® Virtually There® and GetThere®, too.

Notes on the Topaz Study
Sabre's 2008 Topaz results summary...

*The Topaz survey was extremely comprehensive consisting of sample air fares from 350 representative city pairs across four key regions - Europe, Middle East & Africa; North America; Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

The study was conducted based on selecting the top city pair bookings for each country identified by MIDT data to ensure no bias in the study. Then each of the 350 city pairs were queried with 3,7,14 and 21 day advance purchase across both Saturday and no Saturday night combinations. In determining the lowest fares, a $5 variance was allotted to address differences in taxes and service fees (i.e. a $300 fare was considered equal to a $295 fare).

In every instance, book-ability was confirmed for the lowest fare returned on the selected flights in respective GDS's to confirm flights offered were able to be booked and priced. The shopping products selected for comparison were Sabre's Low Fare Search, Amadeus ‘Value Pricer' and Travelport's ‘Galileo Optimal Shopper'.

Topaz International was selected to conduct the study as one of the world leaders in independent research with over 25 years of experience in analyzing travel related expenditures and supporting travel managers, buyers and agencies to improve performance and facilitate cost savings.

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